Parent Info

  • Our Policies

    Central Park operates in accordance with the Early Childhood Education Regulations, and we also have our own set of policy documents, some of which are summarised below. The full set of policy documents are available for you to read at the centre.

    Holidays, Absences and Statutory Holidays

    Full fees are due for every day on which your child is enrolled except for up to three weeks in each year designated in advance by the child’s parent or caregiver as holidays. As our staff numbers are based on numbers of enrolled children, full fees are payable in the event of absences. However, if your child does not attend full time and has an absence, by prior arrangement he/she may be able to attend an alternative make-up day depending on availability. Please note: the Centre is not open on statutory holidays but as staff are paid for those days, normal fees are payable for any week in which a statutory holiday falls.

    Signing In and Leaving Your Child

    For the safety of your child and to meet Ministry of Education requirements, you must sign in your child in the morning and sign out when you collect them. Please let a staff member know when you drop off and collect your child. Leaving your child can be the hardest thing to do for both you and your child. We encourage transition visits which supports you to get to know the teachers and other children and begin to feel safe and happy in the centre. Our staff are very experienced at smoothly managing the transition for children that have just been dropped off. However if your child is unduly upset and does not settle, then we will contact you.

  • Clothing and Footwear

    Please ensure all clothing and footwear is named to reduce the incidence of lost property. Please ensure that clothing and footwear is appropriate to the weather and suitable for inside and outside activities and any excursions that may occur. Sunhats are required in summer and sun block is recommended. Please be aware of your child’s need to be able to remove their clothing when visiting the toilet as removing fiddly items can be tricky for little people in a hurry. We also recommend at least two spare sets of clothing to be kept in the child’s basket in case of mishaps.

  • Toileting

    Staff will support young children needing assistance with toilet training by taking them to the toilet at regular intervals until they can be confidently independent. All nappy changes are recorded. Parents are to supply named nappies for their child/ren.

  • Meals, snacks and refreshment

    At Central Park Early Learning Centre we believe that every child should have sufficient healthy food and drink. Children are provided with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and those that are here at the end of the also get a late snack. They are given plenty of opportunities to drink water and have access to a water cooler.
    It can be extremely hard to convince small people to eat breakfast when they first wake up and nobody wants to send children off hungry, so we offer an optional Breakfast Club service for parents who need to drop off children early in the mornings.
    Our centre is a nut-free centre.
    We happily cater for children who are vegetarian, halal or have any special dietary needs. We have a water only drink policy.

  • Health, Medication & Accidents

    We are required to see each child’s immunisation records and record these on your child’s enrolment form. Please make these records available to the staff on enrolment. Allergies, other health issues or special needs should also be noted on the enrolment form.
    If your child is sick or unable to attend the Centre for any reason, please notify the staff as soon as possible. Because of the risk of infection, we are unable to take care of sick children. If your child shows any of the following symptoms you must keep them at home.
    • Diarrhoea
    • Vomiting
    • Conjunctivitis
    • High temperature
    • Chicken Pox
    • Head Lice
    • Measles
    • Unidentified rash
    If your child is seen to take ill during their time with us, you will be notified and asked to collect him/her. We will seek medical advice if required.
    All medicines that need to be administered to the children in our care must be authorised in writing by the parent. Prescription drugs must always be in their original bottle, and the name of your child must be on the label. Records are kept of any medicine given.
    If your child has any chronic medical condition we require a written code of practice from your doctor to enable us to provide the best treatment should the need arise.
    Any minor accidents will be attended to by our staff. Key staff members hold current First Aid Certificates. Your child will be taken as quickly as possible to a doctor should this be required. You will be notified immediately if your child has a serious accident, so please keep us informed of any change in contact people and/or telephone numbers.