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  • Welcome to Central ParkEarly Learning Centre

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  • Our Rooms

    he spaces at CPELC are designed with separate indoor and outdoor areas for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
    • Infants

      The infant teachers form close, nurturing relationships with families and we follow each child’s home routine. We create a calm and loving place for our youngest children filled with cuddles and smiles.

    • Toddlers

      Our toddlers are exposed to sensory exploration and encouraged into group play to develop social skills and independence.

    • Preschoolers

      Preschoolers are gently transitioned from the toddlers room and are welcomed by their teachers with open arms. They are then guided through their learning journey with the chance to contribute to their own learning.

    • Transition to School

      Te Whariki and The New Zealand Curriculum are connected and both are weaved through the children’s learning to make a smooth transition.