Our Rooms

  • Our Rooms

    The spaces at CPELC are designed with separate indoor and outdoor areas for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Infants

    The infant teachers form close, nurturing relationships with families and we follow each child’s home routine. We create a calm and loving place for our youngest children filled with cuddles and smiles. Children are free to explore the environment and experiences set up based on their interests. We are respectful of all children and their whanau and celebrate each child’s unique culture, language and ways of being and knowing. We strive to keep the question, “Who is it for?” at the forefront of our minds to ensure the children are acknowledged as confident and competent learners.

    • Allows children time and space to explore freely and gain independence
    • Aspects of RIE philosophy
    • Respect for the children as individuals with potential to grow everyday
    • Unhurried, calm environment to support the difference in ages and stages
    • Age Group
      0-1 Year
    • Room Size
      5 Children
  • Toddlers

    Our toddlers are exposed to sensory exploration and encouraged into group play to develop social skills and independence. Our toddlers become active in the community through scheduled trips and this adds to their learning experiences. Children are encouraged to learn through their interests in self-selected experiences and through teacher led experiences. We encourage and appreciate whanau and community involvement. All children are supported to become confident and competent learners, respecting others and their environment that they grow and learn in.

    • Great range of cognitive and physical learning available
    • Every child’s way of knowing, being and doing is respected
    • Positive natural learning environment for the children
    • Respectful and reciprocal teacher student relationships
    • Age Group
      1 - 2.5 Years
    • Room Size
      20 Children
  • Preschoolers

    Preschoolers are gently transitioned from the toddlers room and are welcomed by their teachers with open arms. They are then guided through their learning journey with the chance to contribute to their own learning. Children are able to excersie their creativity not only through the arts, but also in relation to environments, rules and ideas, and in their sense of humor and identity.

    • Comprehensive planning and evaluation of each child’s growth and achievement
    • Children broken into small group settings to reflect their ages and abilities
    • Children experience a wide range of materials, technologies and opportunities
    • Teachers encourage children to create their own ideas, interests, learning and curiousity
    • Age Group
      2.5 - 4 Years
    • Room Size
      40 Children
  • Transition to School

    Te Whariki and The New Zealand Curriculum are connected and both are weaved through the children’s learning to make a smooth transition. The foundations of this journey are built on parent aspirations and following children’s interests. Core areas covered include self-help skills, being ready to learn, social skills, and basic literacy and numeracy through visual recognition of letters and numbers. At CPELC we ensure that children are confident, competent learners with the skills to grow and continue to develop throughout the rest of their learning journey.

    • Large focus on school readiness
    • Emotional well-being and cognitive learning is extended
    • Natural environment supported by community walks and involvement
    • Pre-literacy and numeracy extended based on each child’s knowledge
    • Age Group
      4+ Years
    • Room Size
      20 Children