Jennifer – mother of Isabella (nearly 2)

We only have one child and honestly without any family around it is a struggle. As any other parents they always want the best for their children, we are the same. We just want simple things for our daughter for her to be happy, to love life and to feel loved. We may not be around 24/7 as we need to work but all those things that we want for our daughter are achievable by the help of Central Park Early Learning Centre. She is happy to be with her parents but she is happier being around with her friends at daycare. Having playmates to play with, having beautiful teachers to guide her and having nice meals at daycare simply makes her happy, actually makes her the happiest. We do let our daughter to experience things so she can have options in life and to have reasons to love life. She is experiencing how it is like to be a child as we are letting her do and explore things. She is well loved whether she is on our hands or her teachers hands. Every time that we take her to daycare she is going to give us a flying kisses and waving her hands to say goodbye. Straight away she just wanted to have her breakfast with her friends or just play with them. Picking her up is a struggle, I need to bribe her so she is going to come with me. These are all the signs that our little girl is happy and loved at day care and there are no reasons for us to worry about her when she is at day care. No doubt she is definitely in good hands.

Colleen – mother of Ethan (5) and Charlotte (3.5)

I feel so incredibly lucky that CPELC are a huge part of our lives. It really does take a village to raise a child, and we’re truly blessed that they are part of ours. I first enrolled my son when I was juggling a newborn. I was so nervous handing him over the first time, as he had been in my care for the first two years of his life, but the caring teachers made the transition so easy that he just thrived.

Seeing him graduate to the baby room to the “big kids’ side” and having such an amazing bond with his teachers and develop wonderful friendships has been amazing. I was so overwhelmed with the thought of him having to leave when he turned 5. The love and attention to detail that was put into his graduation ceremony was so touching. My daughter started in the baby room when she was 9 months old & I didn’t have a single moment of hesitation leaving her in capable hands. She’s now 3 & ½ and absolutely loves her days there. I’m always blown away at the activities she does, how the teachers adapt the learning to current and relevant topics i.e. Fire Safety when the Australian bushfires were in full force.

We’re so lucky that we get to continue to be part of their warm and friendly bubble for another 1 & ½ years. I don’t know how I’ll cope without their unwavering support and guidance when she graduates. I honestly can’t recommend CPELC enough.

Stephanie – mother of Noah (5)

Central Park Learning is amazing, my son Noah has attended since his first birthday – He is 5 now. I couldn’t be happier with his time there. The staff are amazing and always go above and beyond for the children. Noah has thrived at CPELC, and on the days that he hasn’t been his best the teachers are understanding and quick to give him cuddles which perks him up.

I love the environment and surroundings – very safe and full of fun and creative activities for the kids. Thank you CPELC for everything, my family and I are forever grateful for the love and card you gave Noah over the last 4 years.

Shamila – mother of Lachlan (5), Blake (4) and Fletcher (1.5)

Central Park Early Learning Centre made the boys and I feel at home right from the moment we walked in the door nearly 3.5 years ago. This is an absolute credit to all of the teachers and staff there.

The experiences they have had, such as going through an “airport” (customs and all) to catch a flight to Canada for a bear hunt, to all of the cultures celebrated, food, dress and dance.
Thank you for all your guidance and advice as well as support in bringing up my boys-you are all stars and spoken of very highly each and every day.